Speech Disorders

Every child has his own pace of development and speech development also differs in different children. Speech disorder is commonly found in children and can be recognized by keen observation. Speech disorders in children can be overcome by a proper therapy session. Speech disorder can be confused with language disorder but these two are quite different. Get more information on speech disorder by reading ‘An introduction to speech disorder in children’.

Speech disorders are often noticed in young children and according to experts parents need not get too worked up with it. Rather it is important for the child that his developmental chart is closely monitored and once you get to notice anything amiss, it is advisable to seek the advice of a professional expert. More often than it has been observed that the initial speech disorders or delays can be overcome with regular therapy.

How Do You Get to Know About It?

It is very easy to spot whether your child is suffering from a speech disorder. Once you are used to intently observing your child, you will notice that your child is stuttering while trying to say something. You will also find him struggling or completely unable to produce sounds and words in a proper manner. But the problem intensifies when parents consider these early signals as language disorders.

It is Important to Understand the Basic Difference Between Speech and Language Disorder.

Speech is the inability to speak using sounds and words in a proper manner and language disorder is the inability to express using words in a particular language. This happens due to lack of understanding. In a speech disorder, the child can understand language and also knows what he intends to say, but the problem is he cannot bring himself to say what he wishes to.

Language disorder is more about the complex process of processing and understanding of the words and ideas while communicating with the same with others.

On the other hand, speech should be viewed as the mechanics of language. Language is a separate problem and should also be dealt seriously. They reflect a delay in the developmental journey of the child and can be marked as a disability for life. But remediating a speech disorder can be done pretty early and fast. Its effectiveness is immediate if diagnosed early and the therapy is followed diligently.

Speech disorder in children is most prominently noticed in the pre-school children. Around 5 to 8% of the children of this age group get affected by it.