Family Support

The program is based on viewing the family as the first and foremost educational environment for every child. The teaching staff seeks to bring together two educational environments – the family and the ERC and enhance their interaction, mutual respect and cooperation. Parents’ emotional involvement enables them to be a part of a significant task, to experience the role of assistant, to feel ready to achieve new life goals and to be joyful and satisfied. Their physical involvement enables them to forget their own troubles, to overcome stress, to meet other people, to develop new communication skills as well as to share expertise and to exchange information.

Family partnership implies:

  • Free access to the ERC classes at any convenient time;
  • Cooperative classes at the ERC (i.e. parents study together with the kids);
  • Conversations, consultations and training with a multidisciplinary team of professionals;
  • Open and trust-based communication with a family referring to child development;
  • Privacy policy, adherence to the principles of professional ethics  and teaching tact in the process of education;
  • Recognizing the value of parents’ opinions of the ERC education process;
  • Informal communication between the families; inviting ERC parents to participate in mass events and family holidays. 

Way of communicating with families:

  • Information bulletins, announcing meetings, events, and tours; using the latest means of communication (email, messengers, Skype etc.);
  • Updating the “Parent Corner” to distribute information about the ERC curriculum, child education and rehabilitation techniques;
  • Recommendations on childcare, home education, having copy-books, daybooks and students’ individual progress trackers.

Parents’ interests are identified in a number of ways:

  • survey;
  • questionnaires on current challenges of child development and education;
  • discussing the topic of parents’ meetings;
  • exploring the needs of the families in frames of the “Warm Home” home visits program.

Activities promoting parents involvement into the ERC educational process:

  • outdoor lessons, outfitting playground etc.;
  • clubs and master-classes on interest (applied arts, skits, cooking);
  • entertainment, walks, tours, picnics.

 ERC staff’s family support includes:

  • seeing the ERC building, classrooms, equipment and teaching materials;
  • subscription for professional reading, fiction, children’s literature as well as toys, brainteasers/games for brain;
  • seminars and workshops;
  • parents’ meetings, informal meetings and interaction;
  • groups of mutual support;
  • instructing assisting parents;
  • writing thank you letters and certificates to assisting parents.

ERC privacy policy guarantees the families of children with special needs the following:

  • non-disclosure of the ERC students’ and their families’ personal data;
  • safe storage and protection of data related to students’ and their families’ personal and medical information;
  • using information submitted by the families only for keeping in touch or transmission to professional solely for the benefit of a family;
  • adherence to the principles of medical and teaching ethics as well as psychologist ethic code.