Mission and Vision

Mission and Vision


Changing Attitudes, Changing Lives

Mission: We advocate for community inclusion and provide family support and informational resources, education services for children and young adults with disabilities, and teacher education.
Vision: We become an inclusion advocacy program model throughout Ukraine, a go-to online destination to disseminate inclusion advocacy information, resources, strategies and best practices in Ukraine and to become an online community for children, young adults, their families, teachers and support networks.

Tamara Olshanitskaya, Head of the Ukrainian NGO MAALE Fundation:

MAALE does business as the Special Needs Education Resource Center (ERC). The mission of MAALE's ERC program is to provide Ukrainian children and young adults with disabilities developmentally appropriate education services, family support, and advocacy education. 

We are a part of a worldwide movement to support the human rights of individuals with disability and to build an inclusive civil society, where diversity is celebrated as strength. We are devoted to the ethical and professional standards inherent in developmentally appropriate practices. As democracy evolves in Ukraine, we empower children with special needs and their families to fully participate in the new society.

The Special Needs Education Resource Center (ERC) offers services intended for development, education and social adaptation of children with special needs. Through community outreach, the families of children with a wide range of disabilities are invited to participate in many programs designed to enhance their quality of life.

The ERC also functions as a Resource and a Referral center, which shares information, technology and expertise for educating children with special needs, supporting families and preparing teachers to work in inclusive settings.

Aims and Objectives:

The Educational Resource Center seeks to improve the quality of life of a child with various disabilities and his/her family (caregivers, extended family, child’s legal representative).

Based on its overall aim, the ERC sets the following objectives of its activity:

  • Protection and advocacy for children with a wide range of disabilities in various social areas (educational institutions, social services, children organizations etc.);
  • An opportunity for such children to learn on a developmentally appropriate level employing individual approach and latest special education techniques;
  • Parents’ (legal representatives’) involvement into the education process of a child with disabilities creates an environment for equalizing abilities of all children and teenagers, facilitates integration in the society of children with disabilities and promotes their full and independent life;
  • Developing methodology for work with children with intellectual and developmental disabilities; creating conditions for holding pedagogical and psychological councils, workshop, conferences and researches done by graduate and post-graduate students; experience exchange and retraining of special education teachers, applied psychology specialists and all those interested.