About the Special Needs Education Resource Center (ERC)

About us

  1. The Educational Resource Center (the ERC) for children with Special Needs run by Maale Charity Fund was founded in 1998. Since then, 278 children have used our special education services; 129 families received counseling on care, education and development of children with special needs and impairments.
  2. The ERC is a charity, not-for-profit foundation. All educational, rehabilitation and counseling services as well as transportation for the students who need it are provided FREE OF CHARGE.  
  3. Funded by the Combined Jewish Philanthropies in USA, Jewish Community Centers of Greater Boston, Dnipropetrovsk Jewish Community and supported by the Federation of Jewish Communities of Ukraine and The Gordon College of Education in Haifa, Israel, the ERC fosters dissemination of knowledge about cultural values and traditions of Jewish people.  
  4. The ERC provides counseling, rehabilitation and education of children with special needs, and helps them to get ready for inclusive education in schools. We also offer consultations for parents, internships for students majoring in psychology and education, and in-service training for special education teachers and practicing psychologists. 
  5. The ERC students are those diagnosed with early childhood autism, genetic disorders such as Down syndrome and others, cerebral palsy, mental retardation, speech impairments, mental disorders, myopathy, epilepsy, etc.
  6. Children who attend the ERC are aged 3 to 22.
  7. At present the ERC has 62 students. 19 of them attend regular school but visit the ERC during their holidays or in the afternoon; 9 preschoolers come every day in order to get ready to attend general education or specialized schools; 17 students follow their own individual curricula; 12 students come once or twice a week to receive various kinds of therapy and counseling; 5 heavily impaired children are visited by the ERC staff at their homes.  
  8. The ERC team is a group of like-minded people, 8 of which are employed full time (the director, the special education teacher, the psychologist, the social care teacher, the charity programs coordinator, the massage therapist, the driver, and the nurse), and 6 of which are volunteers (the speech therapist, the art therapy and music therapy professionals, the music teacher, the family psychologist and the pediatrician). 
  9. The ERC is open 4 days a week, Monday through Thursday, and once a month on Friday, from 9 am till 4 pm. The academic year is from September 1 until July 20. The vacation time is from July 21 till August 21. From August 21 till August 31 is the time to recruit new students and settle organizational issues.